Broadband vs Wireless

DEFINITION OF BROADBAND AND WIRELESS The term broadband and wireless can have different meanings hence our discussion will look at them in terms of internet access. Broadband refers to a range of More »

Wireless Broadband

In the early days of the Internet, there was the slow 56k modem. A large file would take hours to download on such a modem. For many, being on the Internet meant More »

Wireless IP Telephony

Popular and Ease of Use Wireless Technology Summary for Businesses Several business individuals are realizing why the wireless IP Telephony is so popular. The phone is simple to use, and since communication More »


Proxy Server

Proxy Server

Meaning of Proxy Server and Examples of Proxy Server

A proxy server works like an intermediary between the user work station like a web browser and the server on the internet. It seeks any requests from the user terminal and connects to other servers from where the resources such as files, data, and web page are passed on to the user. It works as a relay between the client and the server, prevents any attacks from any private networks and is one of the crucial tools used to build a firewall. It works on behalf of the user. Any user request to the internet first goes to the proxy server. It evaluates the request, and once it is granted permission it connects with the main server on the internet.

Web Developer? Go Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

Using Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is a web development tool created by Adobe systems. This application includes support for CSS, JavaScript and different server-based web applications. Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 reviews have been great ever from different developers worldwide.

This is the ideal tool for web developers since it is capable of handling both WYSIWYG and code editing easily allowing for customization as needed by the developer. This product offers a good visual graphical interface layout that makes it simple to incorporate a grid system into the design specifications.

This product is one of the best since it has great support for mobile websites development including jquery mobile and native PhoneGap applications. Interactive web designs are easily made and tested using this tool.

Adobe Illustrator CS6: User Friendly Application

Adobe ilustrator

Adobe illustrator CS6 is one of the best choices for designers and illustration professionals. It has come up with vector graphics which are infinitely scalable. The charcoal grey interface of this, gives it a more professional and refined look. You can also change the color of the interface according to your color preference. This application has migrated to 64-bit from 32-bit. It has better bitmap tracing tools and better pattern creation tools which enhance your designs and make them look more creative and refined. Toolbars in adobe illustrator CS6 are bigger which provides easy access to the required tools. It provides three different ways to apply gradient strokes: within stroke, along a stroke and across a stroke. This application includes a new feature which lets you to create complex patterns easily and quickly, which can be captured and the same can be applied to any other objects. This is one of the creative ideas being implemented in adobe illustrator cs6.

Fireworks review

Capture Fireworks

Actually, most people have not even heard about Fireworks, allow alone what it is intended to be used for. Even so, this simple piece of stylish software designed by Adobe (formerly Macromedia), is an extremely effective tool that is absolutely worth reviewing.

Fireworks was actually created by Macromedia. Later Adobe bought the company in the year 2005; it’s since been upgraded and managed by Adobe. So returning to the query, what precisely is Fireworks useful for? This software is particularly developed for web developers. It is aimed to assist web developers to make graphics, mockups and layouts with simplicity.

The Value of Mobile Monitoring


The age of mobility is happening now more than ever. With the large amount of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets ruling the market today, it is inevitable that companies engage consumers through mobile advertising. With this kind of advertising, however, it becomes harder to track impact without a proper mobile monitoring tool.

The Top 10 Free Computer Programs And Software Applications

Check out this video on the top 10 free computer programs and software applications.

Broadband vs Wireless



The term broadband and wireless can have different meanings hence our discussion will look at them in terms of internet access. Broadband refers to a range of many technologies which provide internet access at a higher speed data rate through cables such as fiber optics and wires. On the other hand wireless refers to technologies that provide fixed and mobile internet access through wireless signals.


1. They both use same device in their provision of internet access and this device is called a router.
2. They both serve the same purpose of distribution of internet access to digital devices found in homes, offices and other locations and these digital devices include: computers; video players; printers; phones and many others.
3. They both require use of a modem and users have to subscribe to an Internet service provider.

The Benefits Of Installing Computer Monitoring Software

computer monitoringThere are instances in both business and in the home where it can be very important to monitor exactly what actions are being performed on a computer. At home, this kind of information can be used to check exactly what children or guests are doing on the computer. When used with a network or in a business setting, the information can be used to determine what programs employees are using so that more efficient systems and workflows can be developed.

Computer monitoring software can be used for several different functions.  On the most basic level, it can record the activities performed on a local system such as what applications are being executed, how long the program is active, and what resources are being accessed.

New age dialogue

communicationTelecommunications involves the delivery of video, voice and Internet services through television, telephone, cellular phone and satellite devices among others. The telecommunications industry involves four major sectors: wired, wireless, satellite and other telecommunications establishments. Although there is a significant increase in the use of wireless devices, wired telecommunications still accounts for the largest chunk of the industry. This is because even the wireless providers still route their respective services via a network of cables and wires.

People working in different sectors of the telecommunications industry operate under different environments. For example, customer service representatives usually operate in call centres where they respond to calls from customers. Although the representatives may respond via traditional mail, E-mail or even in person, they often work through the phone. A call centre usually has the capacity to handle a large volume of calls simultaneously.  As a result, it is important to have some level of computer automation to deliver the best services. The customer service representatives also need good interpersonal skills.

Home Wiring Basics

Thinking about hiring a electrician Perth or getting someone to do work for your home to run more efficient? The idea behind home wiring is not something that should be messed or fooled around with, because electricity is a life and death type of job; it is extremely dangerous to play with electricity in the home. When going the other route, doing home wiring without the help of a professional, many options are advised to stay safe. By know these options, becoming a victim is less likely, and success is more guaranteed to meet your electricity needs and avoid injury, death, and fires .

One of the best ways and surefire guides to safety is turning the power off when working with any kind of electricity whatsoever. This is because a safe house, is a house that does not risk electricity’s deadly punch, and it packs a major blow that can be life threatening. Along with this, even professionals follow the steps to an inch, because the risk are all too obvious to them in the daily work environment. It’s very preventative to examine and check out the wiring that needs to be accomplished, and from there make sure malfunctioning outlets are properly replaced, and be sure the control panel is tripped, making the power off in the working area.